The program HNP/THNP is the further development or logical progression of NP3.
The easy but secure transport of the data
THNP/HNP is a program for supervised (tele-)therapy at home.

It consists of two separated program groups:

1/ THNP : is a collection of programs for the supervisor (therapist). She/he has to create new scripts = individual, patient-centered sets of exercises. A script defines the content, the difficulty, the sequence of the exercises, their number, their difficulty and the other relevant parameters.
The scripts are crypted (for safety reasons: to disable manipulation by nobody except the supervisor) and stored in a memory medium (memory stick, etc.). The patient needs this medium to run his home version of the program. This memory medium is needed for the comunication between patient and therapist.

1/ HNP : is a home version of the program for patient. There are only three buttons in the menu of this program:
1./ for choosing a script (=exercise) and
2./ for closing the program
2./ for sending a message to the supervisor

No more control elements are needed, because the script is controlling the whole procedure(starting a particular exercise, registering the results, saving all the performance parameters).

The experiences with this program since 1999 show, that this migth be a very succesfull way to provide a low cost supervised cognitive training at home. ( If you get curious, please notice: you will find more about this topic in the trial version of NP3 program.)
HOME-NEUROP is an adapted "one man-version" a program for non-supervised (tele-)therapy at home.

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