What do you need to run the Status? :

32/64-bit Windows, minimum 1024 x 768 resolution , a sound card, boxes, aprox. 100 MB free place on your HD.

The STATUS program consists of 15 diagnosis programs and a complementary service software for data documentation and evaluation. In the combination with the touch screen device Status is used as a stand alone test system for cognitive screening .
How does Status work ?

The STATUS consists of different groups of cognitive tasks, running fully automatically according to the predefined scripts. The user can combine all the prepared tasks into a variety of task combinations according to his intentions. The results of the automatic task presentations are saved and evaluated automatically . As the evaluation product, the user will be given a preformance profile just like this one:

On the left side of the profile the brief description of the tasks used, the test time etc. is presented. The bigger part of the profile shows the detailed results of the test. The concentric circles symbolise the position of the results. Each circle represents one standard deviation to the norm. The thick central circle represents the mean value of the group.
If you would like to know more, please ask!