What do you need for TOUCH-NEUROP ?

32-bit Windows, a touch screen (extern / intern), a sound card, boxes, ca. 400 MB free place on your HD.

TOUCH-NEUROP a short overview
(For the more detailed description plaese read the description of NP3.)
The user of the program can use the program as a comunication aid without any usage of keyboard. He can create textes, save and print them. The user can start an acustic signal to call somebody, when he is ready with his message.
Touch Neurop is much more then a comunication aid. It offers lot of exercises for a cognitive training for the trainee with a heavy motor disabilities. All the tasks are the same as in a standard version of NP3, the only difference is the way, how they can be selected and started. The trainee can select the prepared tasks groups (each of then containing usually 24 tasks) by touching the respective number on the upper side of the touch screen.

The number of tasks for TOUCH-NEUROP is variable, at the moment there are 56 programs in use, containing more than 1000 tasks. One of the programs is used as a simple comunikator :