It is here, where you can test your cognitive abilities

You can test your cognitive abilities (your attention & concentration, your memory, the orientation in space, problem solving and intelligence, etc.) right here on this site. You will find here a group of task oriented to prove your capacities. These tasks are very near to the real cognitive tests used.

E.g. : You have to look for and find as quick as possible a series of ascending numbers. Or you have to assemble a broken picture mosaic. Next would be a transport task, where you should move some items according to some predefined rules. How about evaluate your friends or family members in semantic space?
You will get some more information later.

As a result of your testing you may get a performance graph or a curve expressing your position in the comparable group. Maybe some other form of evaluation. Your result may tell much more to the experienced neuropsychologist, about your strong and weak points, who knows.
The function "NP-Examination" will bring you to the real standardised neuropsychological examination. All you need to know will be said there.

My advise: try some of the presented tasks, some of them will not take more then 2 - 3 minutes, and you have a chance to find out something about you. You can start in a page [Cognitive tasks] as a "guest" in the case you do not want to open your account for the first. In the start menu can you select some of the tasks. Some, but not all of them! Some tasks are accessible only if you have an account. The reason therefor it the fact, that to evaluate your performance the age and your gender are absolutely essential. Have a fun with my tasks!

P.S. If you have an accont as a client a group of other different tasks with a greater expressiveness will be accessible for you. If you wish, you can then get more qualified evaluation of your results.

A panel of variegated cognitive tasks waiting for you